The APT academy

Here at apt marketing & pr, we are really passionate about giving young people a chance and often provide opportunities for young people to gain an insight into the life of our busy pr & marketing agency. Our Managing Director Angie, even won "Mentor of the Year" in the Gloucestershire Women in Business awards back in  2012 and this passion is definitely something she has instilled with all her staff!

We regularly welcome pupils from local schools to sample 'work life' as well as college and university students who are studying the marketing and pr industry. We always ensure that our work experience candidates get a real feel for what the working world is actually like and they always work as part of our team to complete tasks that will actually help deliver on real-life client projects. Some of our interns have helped us with some of major projects too including the Tour of Britain and the Marketing Cheltenham launch to name a few!

We also always get our work experience candidates to write an apt academy blog explaining their time with us, what they achieved and what they plan for the future. They're definitely worth a read...

If you are interested in becoming part of the APT academy and want to find out more information about work experience or you know someone who is looking for a placement, get in touch - We'd love to hear from you!