How we work

From a little bit to a lot, a single project to a monthly service, we’re pretty flexible and can work around your changing needs, timeframes and budgets. There is no right or wrong and each approach has its benefits…

Some clients work with us on a monthly retained basis and we work together for years... while others choose us to plug a gap or maximise a particular project from time-to-time.

Whatever the way you want to work, or however large or small your budget, we can help achieve big results, and we always work to try and make your investment with us cost-neutral, or more often than not, profitable! The difference between us and other agencies is that membership is what we do, so every pound you spent will work as hard as possible and you’ll be sure that the marketing model is effectively applied. Follow me to find out more...


  • Continued access to our knowledge & expertise
  • Supports ongoing growth & development
  • Means we spot the opportunities for your members
  • More time to concentrate on other things knowing your marketing is in safe hands
  • Can be a cost-effective addition to or replacement of an in-house marketing team – lower overheads and helps spread the cost


  • Fixed costs for a specific project
  • Provides additional resource or expertise when you need it
  • Clear, short-term deliverables
  • Specific return-on-investment measures