What will it cost?

Rather than isolated packages or astronomical ‘plucked out the air’ figures, we like to ensure our pricing is flexible to the needs of each organisation, not only helping you achieve what you need to, but doing so at a pace and price you can afford.

We charge a fixed hourly rate of £95 per hour so that you simply pay for our time and benefit from our expertise; we will of course give you guidance on the number of hours each task will take, but you’ll be free to allocate these at a pace you can afford.

It is worth noting that we are very loyal as a team; we regularly go the extra mile and do not actively clock watch. Wherever possible we work to make our relationship cost-neutral or even profitable by making or saving you money. We work with our clients to become part of their team and grow the fees as the business grows and needs more support.

If you want to get a better idea of what support from us will cost for your organisation, contact us to arrange a meeting and a relationship proposal…

* Please note, some services such as advertising revenue and sponsorship brokering will be subject to commission, agreeable in advance of any work being carried out.

Choose from our three-tier pricing structure…

Retainer only

For retained clients we ask for a minimum spend of £350 per month to ensure we keep fully abreast of all necessary areas and do the best possible job; in exchange we charge a reduced hourly fee of £80 per hour compared with our standard rate.

Project only

For individual projects, there is no contractual agreement and there is no minimum spend with us, but our hours will be chargeable at our standard rate of £95 per hour.*

Retainer-project mix

For certain tasks like PR, a retainer will be beneficial, offering consistency and better results; but others will be suitable for project-work. This means you can mix & match a retainer and project, but our hours across the board will be charged at £80 per hour.