Bright Futures

Bright Futures is the UK’s largest employability association, working not-for-profit with graduates. The objective was to bring the society back to life in universities, and encourage top graduates. apt embarked on a series of meetings with universities that still had clubs to establish why they had them, why other universities had stopped them and to better understand what was needed to make them successful. The association was considered to be outdated, unsupportive and not regulated, and the successful clubs were discovered to be the ones driven by great members who ran their own initiatives in isolation. apt pulled together a focus group from these universities and established what needed to be done.

Services provided

Stakeholder Relationship development and member acquisition, branding, design, copywriting and events

Key results:

In terms of statistics, the two key results are:

  • 26 new clubs established within 12 months
  • 50 established within 24 months

In addition, as part of the process, it was decided to rename the organisation and apt put forward three options; Bright Futures was decided to be the most appropriate. We devised the brand and the website, identifying the messaging for both students and employers, engaging with both and creating a framework for them both to thrive in. We then created the tools that both the students and the employers wanted and these were delivered both on-line and through a series of engagement events.